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Why Huda Beauty needs a trending category

Our favourite blogger, Huda Beauty, has taken the beauty world by literal storm. From setting up a blog in 2010 to growing an international beauty empire that Vogue has valued at over one billion dollars (Serious goals). 

But what exactly does she do? She provides us readers with product reviews, tips, and hacks in makeup, skincare, hair and wellness. Forbes has her listed at #6 in Top Creators and her net value is approximately £480 million! Some of us can only dream, right?
But why are we so addicted to her blog? Why do we keep coming back? Is it her success story that keeps us as readers so engrossed in her content?

Famous faces

Clicking on her website, we are immediately struck with bold colours, matching makeup looks, and diversity all demonstrated by current celebrity icons including Nicki Minaj and Hayley Bieber. I mean, if these accomplished celebs want to collab, I’m continuing reading. Her blogs feature direct style tips from the experts working with the biggest stars. Just take this for an example, ‘Kim K’s Hairstylist Spills His Must-Know Hairstyling Hacks.’ I mean, where else could you possibly learn style tips from Kim K’s hairstylist?

Everyone's bestie

With over 50.9 million Instagram followers, how does she keep us all close? Her informal, talkative and friendly chat on her website could be the key. ‘Don’t sweat it guys’ and her opinionated tone ‘I also like the.’ It makes me feel like I am having a regular catch-up with a close pal. She constantly endorses products that she enjoys using - not owned by her. Is this because she wants the best for us readers? With some celebs being ‘cancelled’ due to advertising scandals, her ability to remain impartial and honest makes us trust what she writes.

Don't tell me what to do

The direct tone and attention-grabbing titles make us stop and listen. The blog title ‘Why You Need to Start Slugging Your Nails (And Everywhere Else).’ I mean, I’ve NEVER heard of slugging and to me it sounds very odd, but if someone tells me I need to start doing it, I am going to click the link and see what it’s about. I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I don’t know the hidden secrets of the beauty world. So, if someone with access to this world is telling me ‘srsly, you NEED to replace,’ I’m going to listen!

On first click, we can see that Huda is the life and personality of her blog. Combined with witty gifs, links to viral YouTube videos, direct links to purchase products and tons of honest info - it’s easy to see why it’s a winner. The only thing we are missing from her blog is a ‘trending’ category! We want all the new and current tricks, tips and hacks to make sure that we DO NOT miss a thing from this blogging queen.